Centerline 10, Unsettling Agenda
Environment and Society
The First Ten Years of the Twenty -First Century
Author : Fernando Diez, 2016
Editor : Wilfried Wang
Series Editor : Kevin Alter

We have spent the first ten years of the twenty- first century without substantial advances in the fundamental problems posed by globalization and a necessarily shared environment. e essays that Fernando Diez published in the Opinion page of the Argentine newspaper La Nación between 2001 and 2011, collected now in this book, maintain the relevance of themes that, despite their urgency, have not been solved, in some cases, not even discussed. Environment and society appear united in the decisions that need to be addressed soon, both at a domestic scale and among the community of nations. With a direct approach, this book serves as an agenda for the discussion of public policies that should shape decisions related to the city, environment, waste, transportation, economy, immigration, education, and ultimately, our way of life.

ISBN: 9780934951234