Sigurd Lewerentz Drawing Collection 1+2
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A+U April 2016

Continuity, Search and Research: Four Projects by Sigurd Lewerentz

In presenting four projects of Sigurd Lewerentz, it becomes possible for interested readers and researchers to understand the architect's constants as well as developments across his seven decades of practice.

The Malmö Eastern Cemetery was a project to which Lewerentz dedicated himself over his whole life, it forms the base line of understanding Lewerentz' architecture. With the second project, the headquarters of the Swedish national insurance institute, it is possible to see Lewerentz subtly transforming his version of Swedish Grace − the Swedish version of early twentieth century neoclassicism − into an essentialized modern architecture.

The third project, the Villa Edstrand, marks the emergence of Lewerentz' own language, which blooms to full maturity in his last major work, St. Petri Klippan; the fourth project in this collection of drawings and photographs.