Energyplus-House, Berlin 2010
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In fall 2010, the German Federal Government launched a competition for the design of a temporary residence with model character serving a family of four. The heat and energy concept was to be based on renewable energy sources, the energy produced in the house should be sufficient to run an electric automobile and an electric bike. Any additional energy produced should be transmitted to the public energy net -- the E-Plus House.

The house was to be erected in front of the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning in Fasanenstrasse in Berlin and to be demounted after two years of inhabitation and energy monitoring without any residues.

The house was meant to fit both in suburban and urban contexts.

Our energy concept -developed in collaboration with Kaiser Developments Duesseldorf- is aiming for using emission free and regenerative energy as an integral component of the architectonic concept. Since the energy is gained from a PV-collector system on the roof, the orientation and slope of the roof in its specific context is crucial for the possible if not necessary number of floors.