SL Chair, 1988-2010
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The SL Chair is light (1.6 kg or 3 1/2 lbs), stackable, consists of renewable and recyclable materials such as bamboo and leather. While its assembly requires precise craftsmanship, the tools required are common "low tech", such as a saw and a drill. The innovative structural system, specifically developed for this chair, consists of a pair of diagonal braces which constitute a small space frame. The leather seat is interlaced with the bamboo frame.

A number of chair designs have provided inspiration for the design of the SL Chair beginning with the curved back Ming chair (including Hans Wegner's reinterpretation), Sigurd Lewerentz bench profile (St. Mark's Church) and Gio Ponti's Superleggera (weighing 1.7 kg, non-stackable). The abbreviation "SL" is a homage to both Sigurd Lewerentz as well as to the Superleggera chair. In the end, the SL Chair has attained its own internal logic, only an echo from the Chinese past persists.

Registered as a Registered Design, Federal Republic of Germany no. 40 2009 003 456.5.