Borchardt Haus - Französische Str., Berlin
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Three existing levels of offices in the historical landmark building of the Borchardt Haus, which contains the well-known, eponymous restaurant at the ground level, were renovated in a historically empathetic manner (total floor area 10.000 sq.ft). The lower of the three floors had some original decorative elements of the late 19th century with a few additions of the late 20th century, while the other two upper levels were renovated in the 1980s in a modernist manner, lacking any kind of moldings or wall panels. To ensure that the three levels relate better to one another, analogous details were used to the ones at the lowest level, though without the heavy profiles of either the cornices or the wall panels. The result is a graduated set of offices spaces with distinct atmospheres that fulfill the expectations of visitors to the historical landmark.