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Exhibition at the Architektur Galerie Berlin
Karl-Marx-Allee 96, Berlin
12 Oct − 9 Nov 17

Student Projects for Berlin 2050 from architecture schools at
The University of Texas at Austin
Potsdam School of Architecture
Universidad de Navarra

Professors and Curators
Bernd Albers, Barbara Hoidn, Jan Kleihues, Silvia Malcovati and Wilfried Wang

The exhibition posits the thesis that, as a result of inner city densification, a concrete density − and not merely in statistical terms, but socio-culturally − can be achieved. There is much potential in the city itself. However, Berlin can only benefit from this treasure together with its inhabitants if it becomes evident to everyone that inner city densification protects land on the periphery and thus keeps transport distances short, the city and its housing associations once again gain control over the fundamental development principles thereby allowing the city to once again be the steward for the general public, including those in need. In order to achieve this, Berlin and its inhabitants will once again have to develop concepts and designs for public discussion.

It is in this sense that this series of exhibitions on Berlin 2050 would like to contribute to the public debate.

A number of discussions accompanied this exhibition involving politicians, notably the Senator for Urban Development, Katrin Lompscher, developers, housing associations, users, residents.