Concert Hall of the University of Arts, Berlin, 2001-2004
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The comprehensive renovation of one of the main projects by Paul Baumgarten included the installation of a new concert hall organ, the careful renovation of auditorium, foyer, windows and the facade. The original subtle design and color scheme were kept as far as possible. All other interventions followed the principle of (almost) invisible improvements.

Marking the 50th anniversary of the opening of the concert hall in 1954, the latter was refurbished and modernized. The building was listed in 1995 as a significant building of the modernist era. It is characterized by its subtle plasticity and sensuous detailing and colouring.

The concept for the renovation of the steel facade was determined in close collaboration with the local preservation authority. Hoidn Wang Partner sought the principle of minimal renovation in accord with the original idea of Paul Baumgarten. It was particularly important that the slender steel profiles could be saved. For this purpose intensive calculations and research in the field of experimental glass statics were undertaken by HWP in collaboration with Pichler Engineers Berlin .

The result of the entire renovation is the regaining of the original sublety with relevant contemporary modernizations (eg. new box office).

Client: Universität der Künste, Berlin

Engineers: Pichler Ingenieure, Berlin