Double Hyperboloid Lamp, 2012
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A variety of lamps are often considered for the typical corridors of old Berlin tenement buildings: from Viennese and Venetian crystal chandeliers (Lobmeyr, Pauly) to the plain, modernist glass lamps.

As a development of both the classical, extensive crystal chandelier and Poul Henningsen's principle of multiple layers the concept for the Double Hyperboloid Lamp was developed on the basis of two interpenetrating hyperboloids made of cylindrical crystal rods.

Contrary to the classic chandeliers and the modernist PH lamps the Double Hyperboloid Lamp is not a convex form but, thanks to LED technology, a concave form which diffuses the light in all directions by means of the crystal rods.

The lamp was produced in collaboration with the company of Christoph Palme, Bonn.