Berlin Award 2021
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Curator the Berlin Award 2021- Urbanity and Identity
Client: Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing Berlin

The Berlin Award is held in a triple annual cycle under varying titles and topics.
The Berlin Award 2021 is aiming for projects representing the peculiar urbanity and identity of Berlin pointing at the condition of constant change and required adaption typical for a contemporary and future orientated society

The competition is looking for realized projects in Berlin not older than 10 years that function as an "Urban micro-campus" actively programmed and run by its users following in the footsteps of the "Kreuzberg mixture".
It is about high time to take a closer look at the initiatives of the Baugruppen, housing cooperatives, commercial innovations and architectural concepts regarding live-work spaces to better understand what has been successful and what should be repeated as a model in the "Post-Corona" city.