Invited competition for a Center for Creative Industry, Karlsruhe
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In cooperation with Yöndel.Zimmerlin Architekten

The city of Karlsruhe is commissioning a new building for the creative industry on the area of the listed former meat-packing district at the center of Karlsruhe. The new building is to be erected next to a twin volume “Perfekt Futur” and the “Development and Production Center”, both under construction. The new building has to respect the three-dimensional parameters of the zoning plan and will provide a gross area of 3.800 m2.

The working environment for the creative business requires a maximum of personal flexibility and innovative spirits; the same standards should be applied to the physical working environment. Thus, the design rejects dark internal corridors and opts for an open and permeable building that even transcends the traditional loft spaces in former warehouses.

Structure, façade elements and interior structure are deliberately kept simple to underline the fact that new spatial concepts do not necessarily require special construction types and can be accomplished with rather conventional construction methods. The column-free levels are made possible by a steel frame structures.

Diagonal Foyer
A ”non-essential staircase” runs through the building allowing for additional light and transparency at the center. Like a diagonal foyer space, the stair connects all levels and offices beginning on the ground floor with the Think Tank and ending at the roof terrace on the 4th floor. This diagonal foyer space can be used as lobby space during events, as a break room, informal meeting space, lounge, and extension of the kitchenette in the every-day working environment.