Exhibition Hombroich spaceplacelab, 2005
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By invitation of the Center for Architecture, LaGuardia Place in New York City a second interim report of the project " Hombroich spaceplacelab - Field Experiments in art, architecture, landscape" was exhibited.

The project comprises design proposals by 16 internationally renowned architects and artists for experimental settlement in the vicinity of the art park Museum Insel Hombroich, North Rhine Westfalia. HWP is responsible for the coordination of the urban design guide lines amongst the 16 architects and artists. The exhbition and conference were sponsored by the Ministry for Building and Transport, North Rhine Westfalia, the City of Neuss and Zumtobel.

Exhibition : 23 Sep - 31 Dec 2005

Center for Architecture, New York City

Curator, Design and Installation: Hoidn Wang Partner